eFfEcT oF AfFeCtIoN

Sarangan, the head of the family and Sadha his wife who both falls in the age group of 60 and 52 years respectively. Long ago they both lived in a town located in Tanjore district. He had a considerable set of Properties in their names and also they were running their own business that time. Their only son Ram excelled extremely well in studies. And his characteristics was very unique.

Although they were wealthy, he maintained no healthy relationships with anyone around him due to his prestige and egoistic nature .Due to his nature none of his relatives invited him to take part in any of the good or bad happenings in the family. But, Sadha who is typically opposite to her husband whose desires were to live in a joint family with so many people flooded in her place all the time. Because of her husband’s ill attitude everyone reflected their anger on her even though they knew that she loves them so much.

Everything went well for some period of time. Life is not going to remain the same for everyone till one’s end. When we are in a good position we need to conquer the hearts of many people than looking at them for our needs.

Sarangan’s  son Ram, a studious guy, stood school second and completed his Post graduation from a well reputed Institution .He further wanted to pursue his higher education .So he approached his father for his Master’s degree in USA. The cost of making his son living in US was not a big task for Sarangan ,keeping in mind his son’s  interest and determination he allowed his son to follow his dream.

Ram proceeded with his career. He went to US, finished his studies and settled with a good job. He used to send money for his family on a regular basis. Ram fell in love with a girl and got married and a girl child was born to him. When Sarangan came to know that his son has got married became furious but later on he was convinced. Ram was given a transfer and was asked to return to India. They got back here and settled along with his parents. But Ram’s wife was a person like a drop of water on a lotus leaf. She was more concerned about her child and husband and was totally not interested to look after his parents. She forced Ram to send his parents to Old age home.

After hearing this decision taken by Ram’s wife, Sarangan was heart broken down completely .Sadha could not bear the separation from her grand-daughter and family. As Ram wished they went to  the Old age home to spend their remaining days. There they met so many people like them. Everyone had their own stories. Years rolled by, every day they both were eagerly waiting for their family to come back realizing their importance and love they had for them, but it went in vain.


Everyday someone will come to donate clothes or offer meals to all in that Old age home. On one fine day  Sarangan saw 2 Sumo cars buzzing inside the Old age home and nearly 20 people got down from the cars. They have come to donate food that day. The black board displayed:  “ Mr.Rengan’s family is the day’s  sponsor. We are happy to Welcome them .“

Sarangan saw a huge crowd of varied age groups of people flooded outside. The announcement was made in the mike. All the people were asked to assemble in the Hall. Sarangan and Sadha went eagerly to hear about them. The Secretary of the Old age home introduced   Mr.Rengan as the chairman of the most famous XYZ MNC company and asked him to deliver a speech.


The whole crowd silently squatted on the floor to listen to his speech. He looked highly simple though being a Chairman of a very big organization.

He started his speech saying “I warmly welcome everyone present here. I am not happy when I project myself as a Chairman of so and so company. With the whole hearted support extended by each and every person in my family has put me up to this position. Money does not come with one person till their graveyard ,only HIS/HER well nature and the people whom they  have gathered in these many years will speak about them even after their life in this world. Joint family is the strongest support for my success. All could not have that blessings but one should capture the opportunity when it knocks the door. I don’t really blame your daughters/sons who have pushed you here caring a damn about you. It was YOU people who needs to be blamed. Having an elderly people at home is like gaining the blessings of god without going to temples. Being in a joint family is like curing the cancer disease without medicines. How a man becomes responsible, only the way he is shown the current status about his family and the things that he has learnt from others in his family practically. I recently spoke with a young girl in a get-together party in my company. She was my employee’s daughter. I was asking her “what do you think about family? “ and her answer was  “Myself….., My mom and dad ….” . I immediately shot her the next question:”What about you grandpa and grandma?” .She was thinking for a while to reply me back. After nearly 2 minutes or so with a sad face she told:”I don’t know where they are living currently “. I was astonished hearing that and asked her “why? what happened? Do you wish to see them?” As soon as I asked she started crying .I was trying to convince and figure out the reason behind her tears. She told about her friend “Shreya comes to school daily with her grandpa and used to say what all she did with him and the stories he narrates for her every day before she goes to bed. But I don’t have anyone to say me stories 😦  “.I could feel the emotions of a little girl but don’t know how to help her from the issue. I somehow managed to convince her but I could not convince myself listening to her.

If we have taught our children about various relations and brought them up in a Joint family they wouldn’t have shown us the path to the Old age home. Half of a  Man’s life goes in studies, job and marriage life and the final half determines him what he has achieved in his first half of his life. Money doesn’t take to heights but just the love, care and bond that we have for all in our family speaks till our end.” Once he concluded his speech Sarangan  was almost in tears. Mr. Rengan noticed him crying. After the lunch time he personally called Sarangan and spoke to him. He came to know that Ram who works in his company and the little girl to whom he spoke the other day was Sarangan’s grand-daughter. At last Mr.Rengan’s became extremely happy. He immediately rang to Ram and spoke about Sarangan.

He realized how cruel he was all these years being egoistic and developing grudge over others in his family. He realized he had missed the love, care and affection of everyone including his parents and the pain they would have undergone when he walked off from his house. He wrote a letter to his brothers and told them what he felt completely. He apologized to them all. At last Sadha’s desires were fulfilled. They were very thankful to Mr.Rengan up till last.

Friends …. Can we imagine how our childhood days would be without our granny tales? A small walk with our innocent childlike talks that we discuss with our grandfather while getting back from school with a aasai chocolate stuffed and kept munching in one side giving them a happy feel with our funny mannerisms; Eagerly waiting for our uncles to get back home after a tiring day at their work place just to ask for a ride the bajaj scooters [one of the popular vehicle those days] ,enjoying our life to the most, being naughty ,worry-free, joyful and a brisk kid both mentally and physically and grow up the same manner extending our family circle with new comers, joining our crew to sail the boat by  exchanging our love ,affection, care and feelings. When we are down there will be someone to push you up ,there will be lot of  helping hands when we are totally out of track, siblings love ,guidance to understand the mind set of all people in the family ,handle the situation and what not. Remember Charity beings at home J United we stand divided we fall. Remember these words in life, spread the happiness and strong relations being in a JOINT FAMILY .



Aish 🙂



YoU KnoW wHaT????Itzzz damn FuNnY!!

I could not believe this, is this you? Oh My god,you are walking towards me .I still could not realize whether its a dream or its for real.I would like to pinch you to confirm  its not a dream.You are nearing me??Unbelievable !keeping my ears wide open to hear your ornamental words. “Sanjay “…Yeah tell me …” I wanna tell you something” yes please go ahead….”I am now in…….” You are now in …what ???tell me !!!!!”I am nowww inn…….” <<dak dak dak…..dum dum dum >>><tring tring ….tring tring>>…..(His friend sanjeev knocking his room door) “Hey Sanjayy,.<<duk duk takkk >> you stupid…come on open the door ,its getting tooo late…its already 10 now,show starts by 10:30…I think you need to go for a new door as this is gonna be knocked down by me right now..” Aww Errr   was it  a dream.!!!!You guys always disturb me even in my dreams.Disturbances are always created in the form of Friendss . Gosh…oopsss sorry yaar..Cominggg…(finally Sanjay started with  him in a hurry).

Finally we came at the right time. Isn’t it Sanjeev??”Hmmm Else you need to spend another 250 bucks man.”Sanjeev  replied in an angry tone. (Movie got over)That was a rainy evening .We got drenched in the rain completely and we kept walking towards the railway station.He kept passing some funny comments about the movie.But I was little depressed and totally expecting for a call from her.Could not realize anything around me except the expectation for the  heavenly ring tone of her which gives me a complete refreshment and happiness. You know what ,that is my first love,my first moment when i was completely surrendered to a girl.Well ,Priya ,my girl,a wonderful character ,highly determined,soft in nature,lovely personality with the intention of keeping everyone happy all the time.I could see another “Vinnaithandi Varuvaya” though it was not  love at first sight. whenever  my thoughts stuck to her i go really mad .I am stun at the stoke when my eyes catch up her path and tries to communicate with  her beautiful eyes.It is an awesome feel ,A billion butterflies flying around me,A feel of being near the falls… what else to describe her.I need to frame another  Merriam Webster Dictionary to describe my love.Oops,…again my memories dragged me there.Whenever i talk about her i automatically forget everything. Hmmm….I was kind of okay when my friend was near me. A  kind of desperateness kept haunting me after he dropped me.But still i was so eager  for her call dint go off.

Everything is awesome  until everything is smooth .Does possessiveness play a vital part in all love stories?? 😀 Of course  ,YES.Yes ,I am crazy on Priya . In fact highly possessive..But it was a single side love.She din’t know this.I too could not tell her as well as i could no more act like her friend ,as i consider her as my love. I told her about this ,but she din’t talk to from that day.But still i could not give away and i wont too.Guys psychology is like this.Their first love is always precious in their life. What comes may,no compromise for her. 🙂 No other guy should show his heroism in front of her.Same kind of situation came in my life too.I was damn angry   with a person who kept on talking with her in front of me.I could neither tell anything in front of her .Called my friends to put an end to this issue.Finally i myself came to a conclusion.After the day of my proposal ,the same guts pricked me .Pulled up all the guts and went before him ,gave a tight punch right on his nose and showed my seniority ,commanded him never to turn up near her again..My friends were shocked  seeing my act.So far i was like Rats in “Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Nah ” movie.Hmm  😀 there started the problem..:\ like a kid he went and complained to her.My  angel got hurt by that and scolded me .But i had a great relief after pushing him out of my way.

Nearly 2 years passed ,still no contact with her after that day.I kept longing daily to talk to her.But she dint even consider me as her enemy .My friends made many ways for me to interact with her ,but out off my stupidity and innocence i don’t utilize the chances perfectly.And finally after facing so many failures in this I decided to talk to her.yeah that was our Farewell.Went straight to her,Looked up her eyes and just shouted .“I am sorry for hitting your friend that day .It was the love and possessiveness I had for you.I could not bare certain things.I am sorry for you as well as sorry if i have done something  wrong to him.I still use my very same number,I know you will be having it…If you forgive me ,do call me ,I will be expecting for your call.If not i would  never disturb you forever.”But she walked away from me with a strange .Hmm still waiting for her call.Hoping for a good response.Its almost 11:45 i don’t think so she will call after this.Anyway will decide tomorrow.Whatever i wont give up!!!!

(Clock stuck 12 am)<<Tring tring …tring tring>> My Priya  ,the cell  phone displayed her name after 2 long years…I was totally out off control.I forgot how to attend the call…picking it She softly said “hello … Priya here .. is this Sanjay ???” I could not answer back ,my voice dint come out.I was like totally blank ,what to talk and how to talk.It was like first ever time talking to her 😛  she herself started the conversation   “I am sorry too …I have been so harsh but I was not showing my anger truly.I don want you to regret  later if our desire does not come true.I was lying to myself so long  as if i don’t like you.But no more  dilemma or fear about anything and for anyone .what ever happens I decided you are my destiny.Fine Its already late will talk tomorrow  gn..” .Though she dint wait  for my reply  and cut the call I was obvious that my night would go sleepless.

I was jumping with joy and happiness.Now i still wonder was all that dream or real.My dream came true.That was an awesome feel .Speaking out is far better than hiding things inside.A good lesson learnt through my girl. 🙂 8) Hoping for an awesome life ahead….See you…Bubhye….:D 🙂



Our CULTURE-on the VeRgE of Extinction !!

oUr CULTURE-oN tHe VeRgE oF Extinction !!

Life is all based on ups and downs. You know what; we could not predict what will happen to us the very next moment. That is LIFE. The next moment might bring a good situation or even a bad. It is highly confidential and the moment of surprise or even disappointment or a disgraceful moment or anything else.

No human said to be perfect because almost 75% of the people are not perfect and they have the impact over the rest. Down the ages we have seen true love between a Husband and a Wife, between Lovers, why not even kith and kin pals. Like few animals and other species, the term TRUTHFULNESS will also get extinct one day. That is where we are right now.

Now -a-days we have started to adapt ourselves to the western custom of marriage. We still have the people of those centuries and decades who still trust our custom of marriage and a different life-style of ours. But our generation has started the dilapidation of   those golden and the healthy culture.

“Solvathellam Unnmai” is a program which discusses about the problem of various people and their life style. Say for example a 16 year girl with several boyfriends and an 18 year guy who cheats many an innocent girl. For all these the western culture cannot be blamed completely, it is totally misunderstood and under this garb people behave differently.

People say it’s all due to the growing Science and developing Technology and the trend from the western culture which has ruined the life of the adults. Do you agree this point? If it were to be a question to me my answer would be NO. It is absolutely wrong. It is wrong to talk ill about the other cultures followed in other countries. Where has the perfectness gone from us? Money started replacing everything around us.

In a recent article I came across a Woman who is a Keralite, got married to 50 men. Reason behind this was she needed Money and cheated everyone. Does Money replace Human relationship?? Another story tells that a Man, who got married to three females, leaves a statement that his wives weren’t fair and attractive to his eyes and searching for another partner. Racism is what taking place here. Is color so needed to live in a relationship?

A woman who killed her own son for questioning her ill- behavior and A daughter who could not trust her own father and afraid of living with him, Standing outside the doors of the court pledging their valuable lives  for Divorce due to a misunderstanding or due  ill- behavior of the other and getting married again with some other person. Like this there are many stupid, idiotic, nonsensical, Outrageous reasons for this kind of life-style and meaningless relationships. It brings tears, anger and frustration   on reading all these type of news. The purity of trust, faith, love, marriage, respect and everything is getting lost and totally nearing extinction.

We people are in a verge of losing our Humanity. Many do not know the value of Life and the value of a Human heart. People see the Outer Appearance but the real beauty resides in the nature and the character apart from their outlook.

Understand we have just one short span of life. Trust it to the fullest, Love it like your first love and enjoy it as if you are in the final moments of your life, but never play with the Emotions and Values of any single soul in any form.

With lot of hopes
Signing off



IntEreSt Is WhAt iS NeEdED!!

Understanding &  Realizing about the importance of  whatever we hear from our elders   is highly impossible to follow  completely  in our childhood days.This could be due to our innocence or might be due to our ignorance.This  is all due to our age and adolescence period which drags us to lose our patience to listen to their hard experiences and the  wars that they fought for molding their life in a perfect manner.Here goes one such incident of mine that makes me  regret it till today.

When i was a young little girl of age 14 or 15 i used to be afraid of my dad who starts scolding me to read the newspaper everyday.Almost on every Sundays i used to get half an hour of solid   advises to improve my vocabulary through  reading The Hindu newspaper.I just hate reading something and making myself understand that on my own.I put it either way stating i was a bit lazy specimen to read something and understand it out off my own. Since because i used to get scoldings from him i decided to  while away the time pretending as if i read the paper with full interest 😉 . I just used to read the headlines of each article and soon start jumping onto my school works. 😛

Almost 75% of my time has been wasted in filling those hand writing note books as a part of home works given by  the teachers ,which is all of no use today.There was no one to assist me to improve my vocabularies  and the curriculum does not focus on that aspect too.Though my dad used to force me to read newspaper but never he attempted in making me read.All these have   not reflected  me in anything all these years but today i regret for losing  those golden opportunities and advises which weren’t utilized by me well.I would say that my listening skills suppressed my reading skills ,that is , i am more interested in listening to something and responding  to it rather theoretically involving in reading and understanding myself is the toughest of everything for me.This is how i am still today. 😦   I show 0% interest towards reading story books or novels something like that which automatically pulls me to sleep  whereas  i am more  passionate towards music because its highly listening and reacting oriented stuff which will not pull me  to sleep even if i wanted to sleep during the course of singing. 😛

I just  wonder when my friend  replaces a story book in the place of subject book in  her relaxation time during  the  study holidays :O .Both are of reading oriented.I was amazed to see her reading that very quickly compared to the subject books.Then i started realizing what was actually  lagging in me.

Everything needs interest and patience.It was her surrounding which shaped her in reading books.My surrounding left me as a choice whether to prefer that or not necessarily have to.I just used to get irritated when i was compared with my  younger sister  (cousin) who has the habit of  reading books ,papers etc etc.I regret for wasting those beautiful days and for not inculcating the habit of reading.Finally this day made me to  realize after 8 long years of struggling   to detect what was my actual problem which made me to show hatred towards reading habits.!!

Nothing could be achieved by forcing someone or comparing with someone..Only a proper guidance , care and devotion can make our near and dear ones to achieve something. Though that was a small mistake made by him I wish to make it right and follow his advice at least  from now on.And this day made me to kick start with a new beginning in my life . 🙂




my intro :D

hey hi!!! how r u all guys !! i am a fresher to this blogging world :):)  Well  i actually don know what am i gonna discuss all about and what am i gonna share with u people!!Before posting this start up blog of mine  there were lots and lots of questions poking my head as WHY shud i write blogs???WHAT will i proceed with ??? etc etc…!!….errrr!!finally this has come out well (i guess)….  i was actually got  fascinated by my friends ,by going through their blogs ,their experiences ,their writings and other interesting stuffs from their end .. so i thought of starting one of my own  and to join with them all !!

To brief about me ,i am a young crazy funny gal who enjoys any kinda music all the time .. wherever i find myself idle i would rather start analyzing me and get caught into some funny silly incidents and get confused  HOW i started to think about all these or plug in the ear-phones and move into the awesome music  world !!!my interest towards reading books have just begun and hope i don lose my  patience anytime  😛 😦 … So i feel i have given a good description about me !!!

Soon  u can expect a good  incident from my end 🙂 🙂 and lets enjoy blogging <3<3 ting ting 🙂 🙂

tata 🙂 🙂